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Thank you to all of our
RealTracks customers

Unfortunately do to medical issues, RealTracks  is temporarily out of production. We will continue production at a future date, hopefully in the next 6 months.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Made in the U.S.A.

RealTracks News as of  9 December 2011


Check out the 24" Ver 2 Flat Track SALE


Thank you to all of our customers and fellow racers for helping to make RealTracks a success.

Check out the public track at http://www.brfrhobbies.com/1-32-scale-race-track.html

Epoch indoor racers are out of stock and production, HPI RS32 will be the new replacement.

All 16" wide flat track is temporarily out of stock. We will be running more production soon.

Limited quantities of 24" wide flat track available untill next production run.

 Previous News

Version 2 is now shipping in the 24" wide Track Packs.

Version 2 is a lighter and more flexible version of RealTracks. It is easier to handle, offers a lower transistion when used with a run off area, compatiple with our new line of press on and drop in guard rails, and has enhanced traction from a slightly higher rubber content.


New Club Racing Track 24 is now shipping.

Check out the videos above for a preview


New 30 piece Large Road Course

We have replaced our 34 piece Track Pack with a 30 Piece Large Road Course. It utilizes track space more efficiently and offers greater flexibilty to make many different layouts. This will also be the base Track Pack for our upcoming "home online racing series".


24" Wide dNaNo and MIni Z Track Complete

After several delays and changes, the 24" wide dNaNo and Mini Z tracks are ready. The pictures are the first pre-production units used to verify the tooling and fixtures. Our current production 16" wide track is shown for comparison. We still like the Epochs better on the 16" track, but if you have the room the 24" wide track lets you use more of the dNaNo’s performance, and of course the Mini Z’s perform equally well on the wide track. We think the new 1/32nd HPI will be perfect for the wide track and can’t wait to get our hands on them.


Epoch Indoor Racers are back in stock

Thats right, we have a limited number of these great little cars back in stock, get them while that last.


Short Straight Sections

The new short straight sections come in 5.3" and 10.6" lengths. These allow for even more track flexabilty. Check them out in the new Track Packs and individual track sections.


Wide Radius Curves are Available

The new 32" outside radius curves are available. They come in 9 different lane style options to meet all your track type needs. They are available individually or with our new Track Packs.


Things are happening fast here at RealTracks. Right on the heels of our new lane marker options is our new FlatTrack. FlatTrack came as a result of many of our European customers requests for an even more realistic driving experience for their DnaNos. FlatTrack is now our favorite track to race and practice on. It’s great to slide off the track when you take a corner too fast and then lose time as you drive back on the track. There are many guardrail options that allow both temporary and permanent attachment. The guardrails can be placed at strategic locations around the track to keep everyone honest. Best of all, it's 1 1/2” wider and completely compatible with our standard integrated guardrail track.


Integrated single car PC timing system

We resolved issues with the USB interface and hope to have it out soon. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks again for your support.

Contact us at sales@realtracksonline.com







Club Racing 24 Track Pack

New Track at BRFR Hobboes

New soft guard rail option (dNaNo pictured)

New soft guard rail option (dNaNo pictured)

(FIA) Style Lane Markers

1/43rd Epochs crossing the finish line

Real Tracks is designed to be the RC Track that you set up and use often, not just store in a closet.  After over 100 prototypes we are proud of the result. 

  1. Quick set up from box to racing in less than 90 seconds
  2. Proprietary locking sytem that secures each track section and will not separate until unlocked. 
  3. A durable, hard-surfaced track with a simulated asphalt texture (not foam or carpet).
  4. An integrated, rigid guardrail system or FlatTrack with a removable guard rail.
  5. Flat Track size: 
    • 16" long x 15 7/8" wide
    • 24" long x 23 7/8" wide
  6. Integral Guard rail track size: 16" long x 14 1/2" wide x 5/8" high guard rail 
  7. Flexible track setups.
  8. Realistic appearance.
  9. Economically priced and easily expandable. 



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